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the founder


William Holtry visits Romania for the first time

Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fell leaving Central and Eastern Europe in need for help, both materially and spiritually. William Holtry had developed over the years an unusual interest for this part of the world, reading as much about it as he could. So, that December, when he was proposed by a group of Baptist pastors to go to Romania on a short mission trip, he agreed eagerly. They arrived in Bihor county in January of 1991, preaching in big city churches but also in remote villages.



A seed is being planted
in William's heart.

William Holtry was impressed by the Romanians' willingness to walk four hours just to hear God's Word, by their faith but also by their poverty. Nonetheless he thought it was his first and last visit to this country. On the long flight back to the States, a question kept nagging him. It was a verse from Genesis chapter where Cain asked God: Am I my brother's keeper? For Will it became a personal question: Am I my brother's keeper? He had to find an answer. God's answer was as clear as broad daylight: Yes, you are your brother's keeper. What are you going to do about it?



MBK becomes legal entity
in Romania

William knew he had to do something, but didn't know when and how. Once home, he was invited to several churches to speak about his trip. God started opening doors and people's hearts and soon a bank account called "My Brother's Keeper" was created. The funds were directed towards the greatest need William saw in Romania: the need for Bibles. MBK bought and distributed over 10000 Bibles over the next 10 years.


In 1993 MBK became legal entity in Romania. It purchased a building in the village of Batar that was called the mission house. The ministry also started to grow: from simple Bible distribution to helping build churches, to orphanage work, radio broadcasts, children and youth summer camps. Batar in itself had become a mission field.

Brethren church.jpg


Orphanage ministry

Cighid, a orphanage/hospital for children with mental and physical disabilities was discovered and thus started a long partnership.

cighid orphanage.jpg


The wind of change

MBK Romania went through some internal changes and resurfaced as a new entity called My Brother's Keeper International with William Holtry as the American Founder and Mihaela Fodor as the Romanian founder. 



Pulse Crisis Pregnancy Center is being opened 

Romania had the highest abortion rate across Europe, 70-75% and third place world wide. In partnership with Precious Life Altoona, we opened a crisis pregnancy center in the city of Oradea. Through Pulse we are able to offer counselling and support to women dealing with unwanted pregnancies or post abortion trauma.

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