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Joy for Christmas

Reach beyond your world again this Christmas

Recipe for serving Christmas joy in Romania. 

  • start with prayer and excitement

  • get other involved

  • fill a regular size shoebox up to 3.5 lbs using items listed below

  • wrap with love and gift paper

  • include $ 6.00 shipping cost per box for 3.5 lbs. For any box over 4 lbs please add an additional $ 2.00 per lbs

  • return to My Brother's Keeper by October 12th.


Please mark boy or girl on the outside of the box. If the box contains clothing or other articles that make it age specific, help us by indicating an age range on the box. DO NOT put money INSIDE the shoebox or backpack. You may contact My Brother's Keeper directly for instructions on sending/collecting your shoeboxes, or work through your church coordinator. 


My Brother's Keeper
Mail: P.O.Box 11, Roxbury, PA, 17251

UPS: 10948 Roxbury Rd, Roxbury
Phone: 717-532-4892 

Suggested items

  • clothing: hats, gloves, scarves, socks, T-shirts, flannel wear, etc

  • hygiene items: toothbrush(in package), toothpaste, soap, comb, hand towel, loofah, etc

  • toys: small cars, dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles, games, yo-yo, drawing supplies

  • school supplies: pencils, erasers, sharpeners, tablets, calculators

  • others: watches, picture books, candy, stickers

  • personal touch: personal or family picture with a little note ( in most cases someone will be able to read the note to them when the boxes are handed out

  • you are welcome to use plastic tubs instead of shoeboxes. People find it most easy to lay wrapping paper on the inside, and then wrap the lid. Backpacks are welcome, but please remember the 3.5 lbs. guideline.


The making of a gift

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