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The Visan family

Meet the Visan's 

Gabi, Mihaela, Dena, Tori and Marc

Gabi and Mihaela Visan have been missionaries with My Brother's Keeper since 2005. They are involved in expanding the pro life movement in Romania. They run a CPC in the city of Oradea, Bihor county, called Pulse, through which they offer excelent pregnancy support system for women with unwanted pregnancies, practical material help for women who decide to keep the baby, purity education in schools and trainning for mothers.

God has blessed this ministry in a very special way. In 2020 God provided the money nedeed to purchase a brand new building for the Pulse Center. Gabi and Mihaela are in the process of opening a small Ob-Gyn office to provide free sonograms for the women who don't afford one.


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The story of the Pulse Center

Baby bottle campaign for the Pulse Center

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