Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, assist the helpless and equip the believers.


Pregnancy care 

Romania has the highest abortion rate across Europe, 70-75% and third place world wide. We believe life is sacred and begins at conception and life must be protected. Abortion does not erase a crisis rather it deepens it. In 2005 we opened a Crisis Pregnancy Center in the city of Oradea called PULS . Since then we've offered two types of counseling: one is for women with unwanted pregnancies and our desire is to help them keep the baby. The other is for women dealing with post abortion syndrome. PULS Center also provides essential baby supplies (diapers, baby items, wipes, clothing, etc) for mothers who decide not to abort their babies.

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Education for integrity and purity

We educate the next generation on topics such as abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and the implications of sex before marriage. God has given us tremendous success; local authorities granted My Brother's Keeper permission to teach the value of sexual abstinence in 4 counties across Romania. Through this program we have been able to meet thousands of young people in three major cities of Romania: Oradea, Iasi, Botosani and Dej. The program is called Worth Waiting and runs all year long during school. 


Summer camps

Summer camps are an opportunity to present the Gospel message to the children at their level at understanding, to help them get at least one step closer to God, to empower them to be witnesses among their families, to offer the ones who can not afford to go to camp a chance to experience one. We provide relevant Bible stories, Christian counseling and mentoring for every aspect of their lives. The children reached are between 6 to 14 years old, coming from dysfunctional, poor or non Christian families to whom we show the love that only Christ can put in us. They are also taught good manners and how to relate to each other. 

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We help children coming from poor and dysfunctional families in the villages from Suceava and Piatra Neamt area, to get the education they can not afford. We work directly with them through our missionary couples, Bogdan&Melissa Ghitun and Lucian&Rebecca Avadanei

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If you want to see the ministry with your own eyes, we put together missions teams annually. The teams get involved with children at summer camps, VBS's, village work, rocking babies at the Maternity Hospital in Oradea. If you would like to be part of a mission team please contact us.

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Community projects

With the help of our partners from US and Romania we were able to build three playgrounds in 2015. One playground was built in Oradea, one in the village of Stroiesti and one for the gypsy community in Boldesti. Another projects we were able to accomplish recently was to put a roof on a house for a family with many children. The biggest project going on at the moment is building a medical clinic for the gypsy community in Boldesti. If you would like to get involved in a construction project let us know or make sure you stay up to date with our latest projects and missions opportunities.

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Here's a few reasons why we believe My Brother's Keeper is a unique ministry with a unique mission:

  • We run the only state accredited crisis pregnancy center in the city of Oradea, one of the largest city in the western part of Romania.

  • Romania has the highest abortion rate in Europe:75%. 

  • Our sexual integrity program runs all year long in four major parts of Romania.

  • We run a counselling office at the maternity hospital in Oradea, where the abortions are performed.

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