What we do


Pregnancy support

Romania has the highest abortion rate across Europe, 70-75% and third place world wide. Since 2005 we've been helping women through unplanned pregnancies by offering counseling and relieving financial burdens. We do this trough our crisis pregnancy center in the city of Oradea. The center is called PULSE.

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Worth Waiting, a purity program in the schools of Romania. Through this program we educate the younger generation to make wise decisions in regard to their sexual life by teaching them about the value of purity, and abstinence until marriage. Local authorities granted My Brother's Keeper permission to teach the value of sexual abstinence in 4 counties across Romania. Through this program we have been able to meet thousands of young people in three major cities of Romania: Oradea, Iasi, Botosani and Dej. 


Summer camps

Summer camps are an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel message.  We provide relevant Bible stories, Christian counseling and mentoring for every aspect of their lives. The children reached are between 6 to 14 years old, coming from dysfunctional, poor or non Christian families to whom we show the love that only Christ can put in us. 




We help children coming from poor and dysfunctional families to pursue higher education. We work in the villages from Suceava and Piatra Neamt area, through two missionary couples: Bogdan&Melissa Ghitun and Lucian&Rebecca Avadanei



See the ministry with your own eyes. Sign up for a mission trip. The teams get involved with children at summer camps, VBS's, village work. If you would like to be part of a mission team please contact us.


Music outreach

We use choir music to proclaim the Gospel message. Eduard Teodorescu is our music director, He has formed and conducted many choirs in the last 20 years. We've been able to reach countless lives through the power of music, both at a national and international level.



Puls Crisis Pregnancy Center, the purity program, Ioana

The Ghitun's, mentoring program, summer camps, VBS, english clubs

Purity Program, Genuta
joint venture with Precious Life

The Avadanei's, mentoring program, summer camps, VBS 

Purity program, Mary

Music ministry

Here's a few reasons why we believe My Brother's Keeper is a unique ministry with a unique mission:

  • We run the only state accredited crisis pregnancy center in the city of Oradea, one of the largest city in the western part of Romania.

  • Romania has the highest abortion rate in Europe:75%. 

  • Our sexual integrity program runs all year long in four major parts of Romania.

  • We run a counselling office at the maternity hospital in Oradea, where the abortions are performed.