more babies saved from abortion

more women assisted

greater impact in the community


The vision

UPDATE. 01.11.2020. We are making progress. We are only $55,000 short short from our goal.
We would appreciate your prayers and your donation. The building costs $120,000.


By purchasing this new building we will be able to assist more women in crisis pregnancy, save more babies and have a greater impact in the community. 


The main advantages are:

  • great location (near the maternity hospital)

  • good layout

  • reasonable price

Our goal is to complete the purchase by the end of 2020.

You can donate by check or online. Make checks payable to My Brother's Keeper, P.O.Box 11, Roxbury, PA, 17251, (memo line-new location for PULS Center) 

Get excited about the new location

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