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2021 year in review

Dear friends

As this year comes to an end we would like to take a moment to share with you some of the mighty works of God in the ministry of PULS Center in Oradea.

The most amazing thing that happened this year was God providing the necessary funds to buy a new office building for Puls Center. This move seemed impossible for our human eyes specially during this pandemic, but God taught us again an important lesson for the Christian life: the walk with God is by faith and not by sight.

This year we have had two major inspections from the government, one from the labor department and the other one from social department. Our prayer was (beside not taking any fines, because they always seem to find something that does not comply with the state) to be a witness for God’s kingdom. Our expectations were exceeded; the inspectors not only didn’t give us any fine but were impressed and puzzled by PULSE’s mission and role in women’s life. Two of the inspectors who were women went back to their office that day and started to explain to their colleagues what crisis pregnancy center means.

Once in a while we are granted the privilege to see the fruits of our labor in the lives of the women with work with years after they left the program. Emilia, our social worker, called one of our former clients to let her know that we had some Christmas shoe boxes for her children. The lady could barely keep to herself the news that she truly found the Lord and experienced the renewal of the Holy Spirit! This was a reminder that we should never grow tired in planting the seed of God’s Word in minds of all the women we come in contact with. One day, that seed will sprout because it is a living seed!

Larisa, our psychologist, and her husband Titus had their baby girl, Keilah, at the beginning of September. For the two years Larisa is on maternity leave we will work with a phycologist with a private practice. By God’s grace her fee is already covered for the entire time she will be with us.

Right now we have enough funds to provide groceries for 34 families, once a month, for an entire year! God has used individuals and a church to pour this blessing over the 34 families. Many thanks to them and the congregation of Faith Brethren Bible Church, PA.

Receiving the Christmas shoe boxes in time was a miracle! Thanks to everyone involved, whether individuals or congregations. We want to extend special thanks to “Good News Blanket Brigade” for the baby blankets they crocheted and donated.

We are thankful for each and every one of you who make this ministry possible by praying, encouraging and donating financially.

To God be the glory for ever and ever!

Merry Christmas

The Visan’s


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