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2023 trip to US

Dear friends, 

As we look back at the last three months spent in the United States and all we can say is that we were blessed beyond measure. Our God is indeed an awesome God and a true carrying Father. There aren't enough words to express how grateful we are for all of you who blessed us in so many different ways while we were over there. Thank your for your hospitality, encouragement, generosity, and friendship. Thank you for your kindness and gentleness.

The changing love of Christ

"...the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us." Romans 5:5

God's love is not like the human love we know. It is a totally different kind of love. It is divine because it has its origin in God himself. The amazing thing is that God wants us to experience this type of love first, in the relationship with Him and second, in the relationship with others.

The Lord reminded us lately that if we truly want to bless others and have a real impact in someone's life we have to let Him love through us. His love must pour out through our lives in such a way so people see Him and His heart for them. Our human love is limited many times to good intentions, to the desire to change someone's short term material or emotional condition. God's love on the other hand has to do with changing the person inside our at every single level in a divine way. 

A new endeavour

Romanian Leadership Forum(ROLF) is a three day conference with hundreds of leaders from all over Romania who come together for fellowship, to encourage one another, to get trained and be inspired to serve their communities more efficiently. Last year we were asked to start a pro life trainning program within ROLF. By God's grace this November we experienced the launching of this program. 

This year the conference was held in Cluj Napoca at the beginning of November. We were able to offer a series of pro life seminars and a pro life exhibit. May the Lord be praised for a good outcome and a wonderful team. We were blessed to have John Ensor from Passion Life as the main speaker. He taught about the importance of leading well in the issue of abortion. It was a privilege to spend some time with John and learn from him.

Our dream is to see more and more evangelical leaders and pastors become aware and understand the issue of abortion and take the lead. Several connections were already established with people across Romania who were interested in getting involved in the pro life movement. We pray that someday the seeds planted will grow and be a benefit for His Kingdom.  

The impact of the purity program

God gave MBK the vision for a purity program a long time ago. The beginning years felt sometimes like a tedious agricultural project, planting seeds one by one, depending on various factors, waiting patiently for the seeds to eventually produce fruit. We can learn a lot from nature, especially about patience and enduring patience, such estranged concepts in an instant gratification society. We are now at the point when we finally experience the results of your prayers, support and encouragement over the years!

Getting the approvals to go into the schools went a lot smoother this year than in previous years. Ioana is already working in a large high school in Oradea, Alina in two high schools in Botosani, and Genuta in one in Iasi. We also have lined up a series of seminars for parents, teachers and professionals. Sergiu, our newest purity presenter is working on developing a mobile application that will be a tremendous help for our ministry and for making our programs more accessible to different regions of Romania. 

A very interesting development in our ministry is the workshops for parents. The parents seem to be more and more interested in learning how to handle their responsibilities of equipping their teens for making good life decisions.

We praise God for

  • His daily abundant blessings

  • His work in us, making us more like Christ

  • a wonderful and dedicated team who serve along side us at the Pulse Center: ADINA, EMILIA, NICOLETA, LARISA, IOANA, GENUTA, ALINA and SERGIU

We pray for

  • VIOLETA, one of our clients. Both she and her husband found the Lord and got baptised this year. Unfortunately, lately her husband stopped going to church. Pray for her husband and for both of their faith. 

  • ANDRADA, another client, has an alcoholic husband. Both of them need Jesus. Pray for their salvation.

  • wisdom so we know how to speak and guide the women to the One who really can restore the human being inside out.

  • a movement of God within the evangelical churches in regard to the issue of abortion.

Support the ministry of the Pulse Center

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