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A Year-End Word from the Visan's

Dear friends, With the Lord's help and your faithful financial support, the ministry of the PULSE Center in Oradea has continued to serve the Kingdom in various ways in 2022:

  • We have offered over 2,000 counselling sessions to the women dealing with pregnancy crisis.

  • We helped some of the families in our program in practical ways: by rebuilding a licking roof, buying wood for the winter, paying for medical prescriptions or doctor appointments.

  • We distributed over $5,000 worth of groceries to needy families

  • The purity message has been shared with over 6,000 students.

  • We relaunched the purity program in Botosani, thanks to Precious Life.

  • We were fortunate to witness a dramatic drop in the number of abortions nation wide and an incredible openness from the Board of Education towards allowing us to go and teach the purity message in schools.

A testimony from one of our clients:

“ Thank you for your encouraging words and all the good things that you have done for me and my family. You have seen the suffering in my eyes and have been there when I needed help. Your kind words have always been a remedy to my soul.”

Thank you for your prayers and partnership as we strive to fulfil the calling that the Lord has placed on this ministry. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Gabi and Mihaela Visan


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