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God's mighty works | Episode 2

In the midst of uncertainty and worries God’s proven faithfulness along the way is our only anchor. Our God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We would like to share some of the mighty works that God has done for us and the ministry of My Brother’s Keeper since it started , in 1993.

We pray that these stories would encourage you as they do us. We thank you all who have been part of this amazing ministry along the way.


It was the summer of 2013. That year we did a summer camp with some friends from France. On Sunday we went to a Church up in the mountains, in a very remote village. Among others things we spoke a little bit about who we were and about My Brother's Keeper.

At the end of the service, a lady approached us and showed us a Bible she received years ago. Someone passed by her village in a big Ford van and gave a Bible to anyone he met. That someone was Will Holtry. She found the Lord and was very fond of her Bible.

On the first page it was the logo of My Brother's Keeper. This was one of the many bibles that were distributed in the beginning of the ministry in Romania.


If you have any "God moment" from your trip to Romania with My Brother's Keeper or your interaction with My Brothers' Keeper please share it with us by sending us an email at:


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