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The impact of the pro life movement

After the decision of the Supreme Court in June that overturned Roe vs. Wade, the main stream media in Romania started an attack against the pro life movement and CPCs (Crisis Pregnancy Centers).

We were contacted by a journalist from The Guardian in UK, who was supposedly interested in our work at PULSE Center.

Preserving the integrity of PULSE Center, its beneficiaries and staff we decided to answer the questions, knowing that the informations will be used against us.

Shortly after the article was published in The Guardian, here, the main stream media in Romania immediately began its attack. Their "concern" was that the CPC's are pushing Romania back in the communist era by speaking against abortion and by providing care for women with unwanted pregnancies. read the article here.

Funny enough, in a recent article, the same media agency was writing about the fact that Romania is getting "thiner and thiner". Our population is rapidly declining. Last year we had the fewest births since births started being recorded. And for a democratic society this is a big issue.

The solution to this demographic crisis is to limit the abortions drastically, to encourage the births, to provide counselling to women dealing with unwanted pregnancies, to provide material help for the mother and families in need, and to educate the younger generation about the value of life and marriage.

We do all of the above every single day at PULSE Center in Oradea through God's grace and because of your faithful support. We are very happy to be part of this great mission.

DON'T FORGET: your donation for PULSE Center in Oradea enables us not only to give practical help to women but to work for the COMMON GOOD of the Romanian society. This is our mission and our vision. It is bigger than ourselves but not bigger than our God.


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