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The valleys and the peaks of 2020

As we approach the end of 2020 we can firmly say that God has been faithful to us every single day of this year. Looking back, we realize that, although it has been a very difficult period from all perspectives, My Brother's Keeper has stuck to its mission to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christs, assist the helpless and equip the believers.

These are briefly the valleys, but also the peaks of 2020.

It was a huge joy for everyone at the beginning of the year, when we heard about the possibility of moving to a new location, next to the Maternity Hospital! It quickly opened up new perspectives and doors. We mobilized quickly, packed and moved everything in record time from that crowded apartment that served the center for about 10 years. However, the new location had to be renovated and adapted from a private house to an office. Step by step and with the help of volunteers, the space became welcoming and adequate, spacious and suitable to serve several purposes: activity room, children's room, counseling room, offices, storage space.

We had the first event for women in the new location on March 8, to celebrate Mother's Day. Not long after, Romania went into full lockdown. Things changed overnight; the Visans couldn’t go to the States as planned, our counselors had to find ways to continue to minister to the women in need, either online or through the phone. During this period, we continued to take groceries to all the mothers that are in our care along with diapers and other things necessary for the care of their children.

Since May, when Puls was able to function again from the new building, we have seen many of the women who would go to the hospital to have an abortion. They are either directed by the hospital, or hear about the center through other people, or find us on the media. The important thing is that the new building has started to achieve its goal. We immediately noticed the difference made by the fact that Puls Center became visible as a location.

In July-August Puls had to be reaccredited. A difficult and demanding process. First, because the center is functioning in a new building, and secondly, because every single change has to be approved by the government in Bucharest, and then followed by the local authority. Everything went well and the service Puls offers is licensed for another year.

August brought another change also, this time in the dynamic of our staff, when Emilia, Puls’ social worker fractured her ankle. Although she stays at home, she keeps in touch with the activities of the center and with the mothers. We decided together that this was good both for her and the mothers. However, another person was needed at the center and starting with November we have a new lady with us. Her name is Adina Andrei.

December was a busy month, as always. What was different this year was finding new and creative ways of distributing shoeboxes. Some children were able to come to Puls with their parents and pick their gifts up. But most were personally visited by all of us at Puls so they could receive theirs.

Counseling at the Center

We’ve experienced an increase in walk-ins this year, an average of 8 to 10 new women per month beside the women that come to counseling regularly. Puls continued to offer material assistance which consisted of a monthly food package, diapers, clothing, hygiene products, even furniture or strollers.

Counseling at the hospital

Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Maternity Hospital stopped offering abortion on demand and started directing the women to Puls. Now we had the chance to talk with them without being rushed and with no fear that once the woman pays for the abortion she has a hard time changing her mind. As of today, the hospital still does not offer abortion on demand.

"Worth Waiting"- the Purity program

This is another program of the center that needed revision, due to the restrictions arising from the pandemic. In Romania, the schools have had a hard time going online because not all students have access to the Internet, much less the optimal technology for online lessons. But even so, we have tried to find ways to reach. One of the ways is the Youtube platform. Starting with September the Board of Education in Oradea approved us having access to classes on the teachers' teaching platform, with their consent. We are happy with this success, and it is certainly due to the professionalism and courage shown by all of our purity presenters engaged in this project.

Reasons for thanksgiving

  • the funds necessary to purchase the new building for Puls

  • God’s intervention every time there was an urgent need for our mothers. We have been able to help with medical bills, rent when needed, buy a washing machine, furniture, groceries, etc.

  • the 13 babies that were born in 2020

  • God’s protection on our staff

  • receiving Christmas shoeboxes in spite of a difficult year

Prayer requests for 2021

  • a smooth purchasing process of the building

  • more women counseled, more babies saved

  • progress in the lives of the mothers that are mentored at Puls

  • wisdom and protection for all the workers at Puls

  • resources to cover the needs God places on our path

  • the ability to have gatherings with all of our mothers without so many restrictions

With love and appreciation,

Gabi&Mihaela Visan


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