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What we celebrate, we multiply

Dear friends, For us a newsletter is more than updates, news and prayer requests. It is a celebration of God’s provision, protection and faithfulness. We praise the Lord for the opportunities that He has given us to proclaim the Gospel, assist the helpless and equip the believers.

After a fruitful summer camp with the children from PULS Center in Oradea, we had our biannual staff retreat. We were very excited that Will’s mother had the chance to visit us during that time. It was her first visit to Romania since Will had started the ministry of My Brother’s Keeper in 1996. It was a very emotional time for her. God granted her strength to face the long rides across Romania, visit people she had sponsored during the years and places she had only heard about or seen in pictures. We also enjoyed having Dean and Alinda Hollinger over. They are board members of MBK.


PULS Center. The mission of PULS Center is to assist the women dealing with unwanted pregnancies who struggle both emotionally and financially. In September we helped a single mother of three (the baby being only 4 months) move to a better place. She was renting a one-bedroom apartment in town for a very high price. We partnered with a congregation from a village nearby that allowed us to use an empty old house beside their church. We fixed it and now this mother has a better place to raise her children. The most important thing is that she is among Christians who can help her find the Lord. This month we attended the First National Conference for Crisis Pregnancy Centers. The prolife movement is getting stronger in Romania, God is at work in this area, and we are happy to be part of it. We continue to advocate for Life through various means: radio, internet, etc. Gabi had an opportunity to share about PULS at the local radio station and at a pastor’s meeting.



Many of you have joined us in praying for a new location for PULS Center in Oradea. The space we have been renting since 2005 has become more and more limited for what we would like to accomplish in the future and that is: saving more babies, assisting more women and having a greater impact in the community.

God has worked in an amazing way in helping us find a big house near the maternity hospital, in a perfect location, for a reasonable price ($120,000) and with a good layout. On top of that, God did an incredible thing: He convinced the owner to wait for us until September of 2020 to raise all the money we need in order to purchase the house. We invite you to partner with us in this great journey that is laying in front of us. The deadline for completing the transaction is September 30th, 2020. We will keep you updated with the progress.

The advantages of the new location:

· near the Maternity Hospital

· good layout

· reasonable price

· new mission opportunities

You can donate by check: My Brother’s Keeper Intl. P.O.Box 11, Roxbury, PA, 17251, USA (memo line-new location for Puls Center) or online.


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