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Words that change lives

Dear friends,

It is a great joy to be used by God in helping others. And the joy is even greater when you see the fruits of your labor. We want to share with you two short stories from the field. This is what God enables us to do with your constant help and support, either by praying, giving or both.


Recently I (Mary) finished teaching the purity program in one of the high schools in Dej. As usually, I emphasised the idea that abstinence is the best contraceptive. After a few days I got a message from one of the students. She wanted to meet with me and have a private conversation which we did later on. The girl confessed that she had recently started a relationship with a man and she was getting ready to move in with him when she heard the message I gave to her class. She couldn’t shake this line from her head that abstinence is the best contraceptive and felt guilty about her decision. After hours of talking to her she decided not to move in with this man. At the end of our conversation, she said: Thank you for coming to my class and thank you for talking to me!


A. is one of the clients at Puls Center is actively seeking the Lord. She hasn’t

made a commitment yet, but here is the message she sent a couple of days ago:

Last week was very rough for me. I felt very lonely and couldn’t sleep for three nights. The baby was very restless. I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore. I cried and cried. But then I prayed for God to talk to me. I took my Bible and read two pages from the book of Ezekiel. It was so comforting….


  • Pray for the ladies we work with. They need Christ in their lives. We know that the seed we plant every day in their lives is alive and believe that one day it will grow. We appreciate your constant prayers.

  • Pray for all the students who hear our purity message every day. They are bombarded with all kinds of other messages that lead to destruction.

  • Pray for our purity presenters who fight this battle on a daily basis: Mary, Ioana and Genuta.


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