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A word of encouragement

Dear friends of My Brother’s Keeper,

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the last 20 plus years we’ve been tremendously encouraged by your prayers, your support, your donations, your love for the Lord and care for the people. The ministry of My Brother’s Keeper has come this far because people like you have answered the call of the Holy Spirit and contributed one way or the other. And for this we are very grateful and we want to thank you again.

However we have felt compelled lately to give you all an word of encouragement and try during these very troubled times. We know some of you have suffered greatly because of this pandemic and restrictions. And on top of that we’re seeing how evil spreads in a lot of shapes and forms. This is a reassurance that the Word of God is true. The Bible teaches us that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. And what we are seeing right now is a spiritual battle.

We also know the God already won this battle through Jesus Christ and all of us who are in Christ are already victorious. We also now from the Scriptures that every hardship is a good opportunity to evaluate ourselves and repent before the Lord! The repentance have always depart the punishment of God.

It hurts us deeply seeing the direction your country is heading. We know what socialism and communism is in real life. But we also know that the Church was stronger during those time. Somehow we took the Word of God, the fellowship with the saints, prayer and our Christianity more serious than we’ve done it in the last 30 years of freedom. It’s not freedom and prosperity that draw us nearer to the Lord bu hardships. God is on the move of cleansing His Bride in preparation of the Wedding! Let us all be prepared for that moment! Let us all continue to clean our conscience from dead works and serve our Lord and Master!

With love, Gabi & Mihaela Visan P.S. the picture above is a suggestive painting we put in the counseling room at Puls Center


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