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God's mighty works | Episode 1

Dear friends,

In the midst of uncertainty and worries God’s proven faithfulness along the way is our only anchor. Our God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

We would like to share some of the mighty works that God has done for us and the ministry of My Brother’s Keeper since it started , in 1996. We pray that these stories would encourage you as they do us. We thank you all who have been part of this amazing ministry along the way.


After we got married, we came to the States to continue our deputation work. We were younger, didn’t have any kids yet, and were ready to do crazy things like taking 30 children at the camp just the two of us.:)

One Sunday morning we were speaking to a Sunday school class at a church in PA. The topic was summer camps. At one point in our presentation, a gentlman raised his hand and asked us directly, out of nowhere: „How much money do you need to do the camp this year?” We were taken by surprise and had to take some time to regroup and do the math in our heads. I remember the answer was $3,000. Without blinking, the man replied: YOU GOT IT! We were speachless...It was the first and last time we met that man of God. We don’t know his name but surely God does.

Today we take a moment to thank God for this man’s generosity.

It was a huge encouragement to us back then and twenty years later, looking back to that moment, we can declare God’s mighty works along with psalmist David.


If you have any "God moment" from your trip to Romania with My Brother's Keeper or your interaction with My Brothers' Keeper please share it with us by sending us an email at:


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