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2021 | June updates

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Stories from the field | The fight for life intensifies | The growing impact of the purity

program | Partners from Switzerland | New challenges | A personal reunion | Pray with us



Andrada is 6 weeks pregnant and under a lot of pressure from her extended family to terminate her pregnancy. She is in a relationship with a man who has a drinking problem. We are trying to support her emotionaly and we pray that God will help her make the right decisions.

Natalia is a mother of six children who manages the house almost by herself . Her husband is absent from the family being away from Monday till Saturday, working. However he doesn’t support the family financially as much as needed. Natalia loves children very much. Her dream is to have 10 children. We are discipling in what her role as a mother entails.

Ramona goes through a major crisis in her life right now. Her boyfriend’s parents kicked her out from the house along with her two children. One of them is 3 yrs old and the other only 6 weeks old. She needs a new home, emotional and material support. We are helping her with clothing and food.



As part of EU rehabilitation plan after pandemic, Romania received 10 mil euros for the planned parenthood clinics. This means more abortions, more traumas among women and demographic decline. But this also means more opportunities for PULS Center in Oradea to share the Gospel of Life, bring hope and healing to women in need. Please continue to pray for PULS Center and for our wonderful team and to support this ministry. We need you for the ministry to continue!



Despite the fact that the darkness is growing darker and the evil takes uglier faces, the impact of the purity program is growing every day. The schools are calling us to came and teach about issues related to sexuality. We see the need for having two purity presenters in Oradea to cover more schools and reach more students. Precious Life will cover the expenses of hiring one. We praise God for this opportunity and we thank our friends from PL.



Peter, the guy in the red jacket comes twice a year to Puls and drops a few boxes with baby items, women clothes and of course, some delicious Swiss chocolate:). This time he didn't come alone, but rather brought some fellows with him. “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.



Our team's dynamic at PULS will take a shift from September when Larisa, the psychologist, will go on maternity leave. We are very happy for her and her husband, Titus and pray that God will walk alongside them in this new stage of their lives. In order to keep the accreditation Puls would have to hire another psychologist. Please pray with us as we seek the Lord's will and the right person.



We praise God for a wonderful opportunity to see my (Gabi) parents again after a very long time. They came to visit us and we spent a wonderful time together. Dad even helped build a shed at Puls and as a reward I took him fishing.:) Also they got to spend some time with my parents in law, who currently live in Oradea.



  • For another purity presenter in Oradea

  • For another psychologist at Puls who would replace Larisa for a couple of years while she is in maternity leave

  • For wisdom as we face difficult cases at Puls

  • For the financial needs

With love and appreciation,

Gabi and Mihaela Visan, directors of My Brother's Keeper Romania



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