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2021 | March Updates

Updated: Jun 17, 2021


On March 8th we celebrated mother’s day in Romania. We hosted a special event in partnership with our home church. The idea was to connect each client of Puls Center with one lady from the church. The event was a wonderful opportunity for some of the ladies to share their testimonies about abortion, God’s forgiveness, and healing. Pray for the relationships built during this event.


March is also the month when we celebrate life and usually the time of the year when we have the March for Life. This year, because of the restrictions, we had to limit and rethink our events. Adina, the new director, along with Ioana, the purity presenter, were invited at a local radio station to talk about Puls and advocate for life.

Ioana organized an online drawing contest with her students with the theme UNITED FOR LIFE. We have displayed the drawings at Puls and expect teachers and students to came and visit the exhibition. We hope that this projects will make people aware of the sanctity of human life and the horrific consequences of abortion.


Baby bottle campaign has proven to be a very efficient way of getting people’s attention on the sensitive topic of abortion and also a great tool for raising funds. By giving the people a baby bottle where they can collect the change during a month we provide the perfect opportunity for them to partner with us in an effortless manner. This month we partnered with a new church in Oradea and distributed more than 300 bottles.


We praise the Lord for His blessings upon our family each and every single day. Dena still plays the piano, Tori plays her harp and Marc still loves soccer:). We are glad that Dena puts her talent to work in church and accompanies congregational singing and the choir.

With love in Christ,

Gabi&Mihaela Visan

directors of My Brother's Keeper Romania


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